Contact Center & CRM Integration

Enhance customer engagement to ensure customer loyalty.

Contact Center & CRM Integration Platform

Contact centers face several challenges in managing variable call volumes, making decisions on multi-channel customer contact, migrating to VoIP, and much more.

CRM Contact Center

PositiveEdge can help you address these challenges and make every call count by providing you the right tools and the right information for interacting with your customers. With the goal of optimizing the strategic value of your contact center operations, our team of experts can make your CRM and your phone system sync perfectly so you can manage your calls the smart way.

PositiveEdge enables you to achieve higher business performance by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CTI toolkits from Salesforce and Oracle. Our platform is designed to integrate your hosted telephone applications with on-site applications to ensure unified data management, promote transparency without risking security, and empower a more effective and relevant response from your agents.

What the Solution Can Do for Your Business

Our CRM for Contact Center offering will help you


Sync your CRM with phone system


Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CTI toolkits from Salesforce and Oracle


Integrate your hosted and on-site telephone applications

  • More effective customer-agent conversations
  • Saved time and increased efficiency.
  • Unified data management
  • Optimized call center operations

Key Benefits

Leveraging our CRM for Contact Center offering can help you obtain the following benefits


Explore how we have helped leading businesses in different industries through our Data Governance and Management solution with our white papers and case studies.

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