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Manage pricing complexities. Focus on what matters.

Configure, Pricing, Quote Automation Tool

Globalization, competition, and an ever-increasing product suite are making it difficult for enterprises to determine the best price to offer customers. Additionally, various factors that affect product prices without giving notice to sales representatives lead to lower sales, lost opportunities, and poor customer experience.

CPQ Tools

Is your organization ready to face these complexities so you can focus on what really matters?

PositiveEdge’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Tool helps you define the price of your products across a wide range of continuously changing variables and factors. It allows you to simplify pricing complexities so your enterprise can focus on serving your customers, creating the best bundles and offerings, and selling your products.

By integrating our CPQ Tool with your CRM systems, PositiveEdge can help you offer the best price for your customers. It enables you to easily configure your products and pricing so you can give them the best product and customer experience.

What the Solution Can Do for Your Business

Our CPQ Tool will help you


Streamline your pricing data and enable faster sales cycles


Increase revenues by upselling and bundling your products


Reduce pricing communication errors and lost opportunities


Enable more efficient workflows and faster quote times

  • Enable your customers and prospects to request a quote directly from your website
  • Integrate the CPQ process with your existing CRM solution
  • Streamline your pricing process to easily communicate pricing changes to your sales team
  • Easily convert your quotes into sales orders

Key Benefits

Leveraging our CPQ Tool can help you obtain the following benefits


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