Gas, Energy & Utility CX & CRM Implementation

We help Gas, Energy, and Utility companies manage and streamline their processes
for improved efficiency and increased cost savings.

Gas, energy, and utility companies are coping with the continuous fluctuation in oil prices in the market, requiring them to continuously improve their processes for greater efficiency and more cost savings.


With our proven track record, PositiveEdge has helped institutions in the gas, energy, and utility industry by building solutions that have enabled the following organizations stay ahead of the competition:

  • Standardized contact/account management systems
  • Enabled mobile information access (online/offline access via smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops)
  • Enabled shared customer intelligence (information sharing across departments/divisions)
  • Embedded business intelligence, real-time dashboards, query analytics, key performance indicators and customizable reports through Business health dashboards
  • Standardized data storage for analysis, forecasting, evaluation, adjustment through data-driven resource management
  • Integrated Sales with Marketing: lead-to-capture lifecycles, focus of effort, campaign planning, opportunity positioning
  • Automated lower value tasks: contact tracking, auto alerts/notifications, Outlook/Office integration
pacific gas
  • Implemented Dynamics CRM platform and solution at PG&E for the EGI (Electrical Generation Interconnections) group
  • Enabled the deployment the following business processes: Users access CRM from inside Microsoft Outlook that allowed them to track ongoing activities and associate them with projects
  • Built a real time interface between PG&E’s SAP application and Dynamics CRM
  • Managed Designated Consumers
  • Automated Designated Consumers targets
  • Managed Audit though Dynamics CRM and E-filing Portal
  • Automated and managed Energy Auditors and Energy Managers’ activities
  • Managed Designated Consumers Energy Savings Certificates and integration with Energy Exchange
  • Automated workflows and reminders for audit, e-filing reports, activities, etc.
  • Provided a 360-degree view of the property and the customer
  • Enabled integration with AXAPTA to automatically manage invoicing and collections based on property
  • Enabled integration with SharePoint to manage the documents
  • Streamlined the case management process
  • Automated the generation of invoices/receipts
  • Provided better insight into data through real time dashboard/reports
  • Automated workflows and reminders
  • Created a single integrated system for various customer interactions across all the customer facing departments of T&C
  • Enabled the auto-creation of campaigns for Marketing
  • Enabled tracking of all activities with the stakeholders in an effective manner
  • Enabled SLA tracking and escalation
  • Implemented the creation of multiple versions of quotations and subsequent conversion to orders

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