High Technology CX & CRM Implementation

We enable high technology companies to transition from capital expenses to operational expenses through modernization while keeping costs at the minimum.

While minimizing costs and maximizing security, high technology companies are faced with the challenge of transitioning to a more operational expenses driven model through modernization. It is imperative for them to constantly innovate and customize their products and services based on consumer needs and demands in order for them to survive in a rapidly evolving market. With our proven track record, PositiveEdge has built specialized solutions for companies in the high technology sector that enabled the following organizations stay ahead of their competition:

  • Created a scalable and stable Service Revenue Management System
  • Enabled greater control over specific processes for different customers
  • Set a clear separation of competing customers data
  • Provided domain experience in implementing streamlined renewal processes for over 100 ServiceSource customers
  • Implemented dynamics CRM based solution for eBay Engineering Support group
  • Integrated an online portal where developers interested in building applications with eBay’s API can search the Dynamics CRM knowledge base and create tickets
  • Enabled eBay users to use the Outlook integrated interface to interact with customers and answer engineering questions or resolve queries
  • Salesforce automation
  • Activity Management
  • Sales Territory Management
  • Account Management
  • Marketing Management with integration with Marketo
  • Service Management including managing SLA’s
  • Dynamics CRM integration with Avaya CTI
  • Integration with File Transfer System for document management
  • Integration with existing Knowledge base system
  • Email activity management Queues and Email Router
  • Manage relationships from business information, contact data, online news, and social media using InsideView
  • Manage products by integrating with in house PLM application
  • Real-time reports and dashboards for Sales, Marketing and Service users
  • Data Migration of more than million records from Clarify and SFDC

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