Microsoft D365 CRM - Support and Maintenance

Our team of experts help you address all CRM implementation and adoption challenges at a reduced cost of 40 to 50% while following the best ITIL based practices

We safeguard your investments in application development (or digital transformation) by providing the most flexible support and maintenance services

PositiveEdge is the only organization with all the best in industry Microsoft Dynamic 365 Senior Consultants with collective experience of more than 250 years dating back from the days of Microsoft CRM version 4.0

PositiveEdge excels at managing diverse and complex applications at lower cost and ensures rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements

D365 CRM Support and Maintenance

Dynamics 365 CRM Support Services

Existing D365 CRM implementations needs to be supported, maintained and enhanced to keep pace with volatile business needs and growing changes in technology

We ensure that your CRM provides the best Customer Experience, Customer Engagement and Customer Retention
D365 Consulting Services
Consulting Services

Our team of experts provide consulting on fine-tuning your CRM platform to ensure that you reap all potential benefits of CRM.

D365 Integration Services
Integration Services

PositiveEdge helps you integrate CRM with other line of business application that your organization uses, so that you get to view all customer related data in one application.

MS CRM Migration Services
Migration Services

These cover migration from on-premise to cloud to increase scalability, security and minimized maintenance costs.

MS CRM Upgrade

We can help you upgrade to the latest version of CRM to utilize the latest cutting-edge features and improved user experience.

MS CRM Maintenance
Maintenance and Support

PositiveEdge excels at managing diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements.

Dynamics 365 CRM Maintenance Services

Future-proof your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
MS CRM Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance to keep CRM up and running, preventing any unplanned downtime.

MS CRM Customization Backups
Maintenance of customization backups

CRM customizations expand over time; it is critical to review the amount of customizations and clean up the system on a regular basis.

MS CRM Patches
Application of patches

Making frequent changes to your base solution can get messy depending on how many changes are being made. Our team helps you manage releases through patches.

MS CRM Product Enhancements
Product enhancements

We help customers add new functionality and reports to existing CRM seamlessly at rapid time and reduced cost.

D365 Production Support
Production Support

Our solution experts help manage corrective maintenance of your existing system, bug fixes and liaising with your L1 team where required.

Dynamics 365 CRM Production Support Services

MS D365 CRM Production Support
Incident Management
Incident Management

If there is a business critical issue in the system, our team will solve it faster and better than anybody else in the industry.

Problem Management
Problem Management

We believe in analysing and fixing the root cause of problems so that they do not repeat.

Change Management
Change Management

At PositiveEdge, we follow well defined change management procedures, managing changes from requisition, impact analysis, implementation, verification, validation, release and closure.

Access Management
Access Management

Users change roles and departments over their course of employment; this results in a requirement for change in access rights to the system. Our team manages access changes based on role changes in the most effective manner without affecting the existing records in the system.

Release Management
Release Management

Releases are well planned with minimal downtime and with contingency procedures in place to avoid disruption in services.

Service Validation and Testing

Automated test scripts are used for regression testing to prevent any defect injection to the existing system.

Configuration Management
Configuration Management

Having accurate records of the state of your systems is essential; PositiveEdge helps you maintain your systems with effective configuration management practices.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

PositiveEdge determines and maintains the knowledge necessary for the operation of its processes and to achieve conformity of products and services.

Engagement Models

D365 On Demand Support
On Demand Support

An ad hoc requirement for a small enhancement request, additional report creation or bug fixes. Also suitable for upgrade and migration requirements.

D365 AMC
Annual Maintenance Contract

Ongoing support for catering to requests and issues throughout the year. Suitable for organization with a sizable number of CRM users.

D365 Dedicated Resources
Dedicated Resources

Dedicated team allocated to project based on Time and Material engagement. Blended rate for resources. Suitable for large complex multi-tenant implementations.

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