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Close more deals with less effort and greater efficiency.

Sales Automation CRM Application Implementation & Support

The sales automation applications market is entering a new stage. IDC suggests that it is yet to be fully invigorated by mobile, social, and target analytics. This new stage entails the introduction of new capabilities to existing products in order for your sales team to close more deals.

Sales Automation

PositiveEdge can provide you with the tools you need to close more deals. Using Microsoft CRM, our team of experts can maximize sales platform integration, turning it into an all-in-one platform, so you can focus on more contextual insights and empower your sales employees’ collaboration.

Featuring a highly intuitive interface and Office-embedded capabilities, Microsoft CRM can automate your sales processes to increase productivity, gather insights, streamline cycles, and reduce costs.

What the Solution Can Do for Your Business

Our CRM for Sales Automation offering will help you


Increase your revenues by giving the entire sales organization access to the right information at the right time


Optimize sales performance by addressing data management, system integration, business intelligence, and Salesforce collaboration


Manage the sales funnel from prospect to customer, and track opportunities and leads


Enable collaboration with peers and leverage any connection within the company to move the opportunity to the next stage

  • Real-time collaboration via an interactive platform
  • Sales analytics to help you work smarter
  • Sentiment analysis to know what your customers truly want

Key Benefits

Leveraging our CRM for Sales Automation offering can help you obtain the following benefits


Explore how we have helped leading businesses in different industries through our Data Governance and Management solution with our white papers and case studies.

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