Salesforce CRM

Seamlessly create a customer-centric business.

Salesforce CRM ensures that customer behaviors and preferences are considered in every decision of your enterprise so you can give them what they want and when they want it. Salesforce CRM also helps you understand who your customers are so you can engage with them and turn them into lifetime customers.

As a certified Salesforce Partner, PositiveEdge can help you implement its leading CRM platform throughout your whole enterprise—from your sales team to your customer service department. PositiveEdge makes the implementation process simple and includes all potential users in the design and deployment process to increase enterprise-wide buy-in of the solution.

Key Benefits

Leveraging PositiveEdge’s expertise in implementing Salesforce CRM can help you obtain the following benefits:

Manage your customer acquisitions and interactions.

Engage and re-engage your new and existing customers.

Improve your overall customer experience.

Create personalized and effective products and promotions.

Increase your revenues through targeted upsells and cross-sells.

Boost your enterprise’s productivity.

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