Sales automation software – Key to boosting ROI and reducing costs


Sales automation holds the full potential to minimize the cost of sales by freeing up time spent on administration and reporting and also it does unlock additional income by automating outreach to customers in the sales funnel. Decision-makers are not aware of this – yes, many have not taken advantage – of the value that sales automation software can create across a growing range of use cases.

To profit from the arising opportunity, sales organizations should change their methods of working as well as their technology platforms to guarantee that agents and automation solutions work hand in hand. Early adopters of sales automation consistently report increases in customer-facing time, higher customer satisfaction, efficiency improvements of 10 to 15 percent, and sales uplift capability of up to 10 percent.

‘’67% of lost sales are a result of sales reps not properly qualifying potential customers before taking them through the full sales process.’’

This is quite possibly the most common issue because while sales reps like you continue to engage with leads, your excess 60% or half of your other time goes into making archives, following up with leads, sending emails, and more.

At the point, when such tasks are being conducted, it is possible that the additional time you require to engage with leads can linger behind.

Technology is growing and it will continue to grow with the years to come, however with this comes the development of unique solutions that make it all worth it and valuable for certain aspects in a business, one such deal is sales automation.

Streamline your sales through a right sales automation process

Sales automation processTracking customer relationships and moving customers to the right sales funnel can be time-consuming. Here is how you can automate your sales process.

The sales process involves tracking the customer from the beginning of the prospective customers till the end they are customers. The entire automation sales process may be time-consuming and would require a whole lot of proper data input and analysis.


Benefits of investing in sales automation

Sales automation software Sales automation is a useful tactic or process for sales agents. It offers benefits in a large number and works in your favor when it comes to generating leads.

1. Reporting actions will be better
2. Better lead management process
3. Saves sales agent time
4. Quality sales work will be contributed
5. Refines your sales process
6. All email actions will take place on time
7. Higher lead conversion opportunities
8. Have a better understanding of how sales automation works



What are sales automation tools?

Unlike internet marketing tools, sales automation tools are software-based solutions that empower your sales team specifically, making them more efficient, consistent, and successful. These tools automate a variety of tasks such as lead research and nurturing tools, contact management software, team management software, and sales analytics software.

Sales automation tools can tackle a very specific task or offer full-suite solutions that seamlessly integrate into your customer relationship manager (CRM) and further improve customer relationships.


Best sales automation app (software)

Sales automation softwareWhen it comes to choosing an automation solution, you will want to be sure that: software that you choose should help you crush your metrics and sales goals.

  1. The software meets your own needs as far as functionality goes (in other words, it does what you need it to do.
  2. The platform integrates well with any other sales automation software and tools you may be using.


Best sales automation tips or guidelines

There’s such a lot of information out there. Furthermore, it’s turning out to be more and more consistent. Somewhere in that heap of information is the exact piece of information, often a combination of bits of data, which you need.

Use a sales automation app that makes it dead simple to get to that one snippet of data, every time again. The real magic is to have multiple tools coming together in one place, so you can quickly utilize the data to get results.

Ready to Start Automating?

We hope that you have a solid understanding of sales automation by now, why it is important, about the tool, and what characteristics a software should have.

With automation, everybody wins. Customers will benefit from the faster turnaround.

PositiveEdge strives hard for companies like you to benefit from higher sales-force productivity. And salespeople will experience greater job satisfaction because automation lets them focus on what they love: delivering value to customers.

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