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We help media companies and non-government organizations in their process implementation and technology modernization needs to address their communication and development issues.

Media and NGO CX & CRM

As media companies are faced with communication issues and NGOs (non-government organizations) are faced with development issues,

There’s a growing need for both of these industries to improve or even reinvent their process implementation and legacy systems modernization through best-in-class solutions. With our proven track record, PositiveEdge has helped media companies and NGOs by building solutions that helped the following organizations stay ahead of their competition:




Implemented a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and solution at Media Office, which includes development and integration with a News Portal, Arab Journalism Award, Arab Media Forum and SMS Platform

Deployed the following business processes:

  • Research Department: Collect the article details which are published in local and international media and submit report to the ruler. The solution also will distribute daily newsletter to its subscribers.
  • Dubai Press Club: Manage the Press Club membership, publishing of News, Project Management, SMS alerts on critical news updates etc.
  • Communication and Innovation Department: Manages Internal Projects and public Events.
  • Human Resource Admin Department: Give-Away distribution and delivery tracking

Implemented a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution at IHC, which includes development and integration with an e-services Portal, Great Plains, SharePoint and SMS Platform

Deployed the following business processes:

  • Registration and Renewal of License of IHC Members (NGOs) with hierarchical approval process
  • Additional registration related services that can be requested by any of the members
  • Approval process and invoicing of facility related requests by members (The requests can be of type Lease or Lease Renewal for office space or warehouse.)
  • Government related services such and visa, ID card, family visa, NOC letters etc. to the Member and Member Employees, where each service request is tracked through workflow and approval process with several reports
  • A “Penalty Management” application which monitors member activities against any cause of any Penalty (There are 45 offenses which will be monitored and warning letters are sent out before penalizing them with a fine.)

Enabled departments to perform inspection of member activities and award a penalty if any member is non-compliant with the policy and regulations

Enabled the monitoring of member activities such as Fund Raising Events and all activities during the period of License validity

Allowed for the creation of purchase requisitions, RFQ, and RFT management with complex approval process

Integrated MS CRM application with Great Plains ERP to create Purchase Orders, Invoices or Credit Notes from CRM

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