Digital Commerce and Marketing

Digital Commerce and Marketing

Building digital enterprises through an open ecosystem and delivering faster digital transformation services.

Digital Commerce and
Online Shopping

Digital Commerce is helping enterprises in the fast changing world of Shopping. Online shopping has become extremely easy and attractive. At the same time, bricks and mortar stores are not able to match the prices the digital world can offer and are often crowded, poorly stocked or even, poorly staffed.

Our Digital Commerce approach help navigate the new normal with a three-tiered solution, uniquely crafted to cater to the various B2C industry-specific needs with quick timelines, rich features, enriching customer experiences; helping clients rapidly get onboarded into the dynamic eCommerce space. Our accelerated services offering helps clients launch a foundational eCommerce site quickly in four weeks and offer a feature rich site only in six weeks.

Key considerations for delivering
connected commerce

What investments do you foresee making in this area to drive more customer loyalty?
How much of your final decisions are based on data rather than instinct?
How do you ensure new processes are unified and connected across your organization?

The pressures on retailers are growing


90% of customers say purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews


34% of shoppers say their phone will become their main purchasing tool


89% of customers desire unified experiences across channels


78% of customers say personally relevant content increases their purchase intent


75% of shoppers report they want more human interaction in the future, not less

A focused approach to connected commerce

Unified purchase experience

Empower sales associates with predicative and personalized customer engagement tools while creating omnichannel customer experiences.

Centralized Operations

Centralize and unify business processes across channels, driving operational excellence with cross-channel intelligence.

Technology unification

Bring together systems and processes to create curated, intelligent systems.

Unified purchase experience

Engaging and intelligent digital storefronts

  • Connected eCommerce Platforms
  • Design templates
  • Content Management system with digital asset management
Seamless customer contact experience

  • Call Centre

Exceptional sales experience delivery

  • Point of sale system
  • Seamless stock-taking
  • Streamlined daily tasks

Personalized shopping experience

  • Strengthened clienteling
  • Customer engagement insights
  • Intelligent product recommendations

Frictionless shopping across channels

  • In-store and digital experience
  • Meaningful engagements
  • Next-level eCommerce platform

Centralized Operations

Optimized merchandising

  • Channel management
  • Cross-channel intelligence
  • Continuity programs
Embedded intelligence

  • Business insights and analytics
  • Fraud protection
  • Account protection

Effective inventory

  • Centralized inventory management
  • Optimal inventory-level maintenance

Comprehensive order fulfillment

  • Pricing and promotion management
  • Distributed Order Management

Technology Unification

Unified customer data

  • Prebuilt connectors
  • Customer intent prediction with rich segmentation and AI-driven insights

Custom and automated workflows

  • Automated business workflows with Microsoft Power Automate

Extended retail experiences

  • Survey solution
  • Application integration

New retail opportunities with modern tools

  • Dynamics 365 Product Visualize
  • Dynamics 365 Connected Store

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