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End customers spend almost 10% less time waiting for an initial response.

Deliver world-class customer service so you can increase loyalty

And saw their requests solved 17% faster.

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and reduce cost

All this for our customers just within two months of using Zendesk.

The best customer experiences

Businesses all over the world use Zendesk to support their customers as our software is strong on the basics like self-service and ticketing, and is open and flexible on the bigger stuff like customer profiles and APIs.

Why Choose Zendesk

  • Low support costs

  • High customer satisfaction

  • Availability of self-services options

  • Reduce load on-phone support costs

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Refitting retail service and support

Trends in omnichannel service that are reshaping retail

Customers expect fast, personal support from retailers. They want to connect with companies on their own terms, over the channels that are most important to them. When a shopper has a question, they want agents to connect the dots and solve their problems without shuffling them between departments. Companies that get it right enjoy happy, loyal customers.

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Meeting the challenges of CX in modern manufacturing

While building positive, long-term customer relationships has always been important to business success, the methods for doing so are evolving faster than ever across verticals and industries.

For manufacturing businesses, meeting customer expectations at scale is complicated. And doing so today looks entirely different than it did a decade ago or even a year ago. As the industry evolves, advancements in technology also bring changes in consumer behavior.

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How 8 companies deliver exceptional customer experience at scale

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Zendesk for Customer Service - One stop solution

Customer support software that empowers your teams to deliver world-class service, faster.


Why Customer Support

There are many factors that contribute to a positive customer experience: affordable prices, range of products or services available, convenience or ease of use, promotions offered and more but among these, service is foundational. More so than ever before, customers expect a great customer service experience from the businesses they work with.

52% of consumers

switch providers due to poor customer service and once a customer is lost, 68% do not come back.

Customers are willing

to pay 4.5 times more for an excellent customer experience versus a poor customer experience.

Every customer support

interaction is 4x as likely to decrease loyalty as to increase it.

84% of companies

aspired to be customer support leaders, but only 1 in 5 deliver good customer experience.

The shortcut to happy customers.

Zendesk makes support, sales, and customer engagement software for everyone. It's quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs. With Zendesk, it takes hours not weeks to get up and running.

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Zendesk Support

Integrated customer support


Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. It's proven to improve customer satisfaction and increase agent productivity at any scale. Get Zendesk

Conversational support made easy with Zendesk

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Customize your support solution to fit the diverse needs across your business, with features like contextual workspaces and custom resources.


Advanced workflow functionality

Set up, maintain, and change your support operations with features like skills-based routing, ticket forms, and satisfaction prediction.


Streamlined communication and collaboration

Keep internal and external teams on the same page with features like side conversations and light agents.



Keep team members accountable by giving certain roles the right account permissions. Easily audit changes made to your Support instance, with features like custom roles and audit logs.


Personalized best practices and guidance

Get support from experts that know Zendesk best whenever you need it, with features like Launch Guidance and 24x7 support from Zendesk.


Zendesk Talk

Integrated voice software


Improve multi-channel customer experiences

Agents can provide phone support within a multichannel context, for seamless support across email, chat, social media, SMS and voice.

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Time-saving tools

With time-saving tools like automatic ticket creation and customer profile screen-OPOS, agents can focus on delivering quick, personal support, not searching for information or navigating multiple systems.

Gain visibility

Gain visibility into phone support operations.

Phone support

Understand how phone support fits into your multichannel operations and know-how to improve with call tracking, recording, real-time monitoring, and centralized cross-channel reporting.

Zendesk Chat

Live chat and messaging


Zendesk Chat is the market leader in live chat support. It is easy to use, fast to set up and integrates seamlessly into the broader Zendesk product family. Zendesk Chat is designed to scale with any business, whether they have one agent or 10,000, and flexible enough to accommodate a variety of support and sales cases.

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