Achieve and sustain long term pricing excellence.

Manage pricing complexities. Focus on
what matters.

Globalization, intense market competition, and massive product suites that grow ever increasingly complex make it difficult for enterprises to develop effective pricing strategies for both new and existing opportunities. Without the right data and intelligence, sales representatives will be hard-pressed to consistently make optimal pricing decisions that bring in new business and unlock new opportunities.

Factors Affecting Pricing

Achieving and sustaining long term pricing excellence requires equipping sales with the right tools to help them navigate the complexities and arrive at the level of detail necessary to capture untapped and emerging opportunities.

Market Perception
Cost and Expenses
Supply and Demand

Introducing QuoteEdge


PositiveEdge’s QuoteEdge tool enables your sales organization to make data-driven pricing decisions that maximize value for you and your customers. By integrating QuoteEdge with CRM and ERP systems, enterprises are able to leverage data such as sales opportunities, products and price lists to make optimal pricing and product recommendations for every customer.

The business objective of implementing and deploying a quoting system in the cloud is to allow sales organizations to effectively manage their quotes to prospective and existing customers leading to greater success in closing new business and achieving a high rate of renewals with existing customer accounts.


QuoteEdge also allows sales reps to pursue additional opportunities within the installed base to generate more income through cross sells and up sells. The application assists sales organizations to configure product offerings from the simplest to the most complex, determining the correct price to charge and generating accurate quotes based on real-time information. QuoteEdge acts as a bridge between the sales lead and the sales order. The functional flow of the application is typical sales manager-driven while the Opportunity, Price List and Product information are pulled in from external data sources such as a CRM application.

Turning Pricing Complexity into Advantage

QuoteEdge is developed and deployed on PositiveEdge’s Keystone, a highly scalable, multi-functional, secure and portable enterprise platform.

Streamline your pricing data and enable faster sales cycles.

Increase revenue by upselling and bundling your products.

Unlock untapped business potential and reduce lost opportunities.

Enable more efficient workflows and faster quote times.

Enable your customers and prospects to request a quote directly from your website.

Integrate the CPQ process with your existing CRM solution.

Streamline your pricing process to easily communicate pricing changes to your sales team.

Easily convert your quotes into sales orders.

Key Features

Managing Multi-Quoted Opportunities

  • Generate multiple quotes for the same CRM based opportunities, each with their own quote line items representing products and services, their quantities, pricing, discounts and other sales considerations.

Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Graphical reports that provide a daily snapshot of quotes, opportunities and contracts.
  • Drilling down is a simple click that brings up detailed item specific information.

Quote Statuses and Related Processes

  • All quotes are routed through workflow based process that assign statuses such as Draft, Approved, and Published, while Rejections and Cancellations are also managed.
  • All activities are logged for a complete audit trail.

Write-in Products and Sub-Products

  • A key differentiator of Quoteedge is the tool’s ability to add new products as “write-in” products that are created new and saved back to the quote and managed.
  • Products can also have sub-products that have the same configurability as the original.

Price Lists On-Demand

  • Create price lists on the fly.
  • Add line items dynamically.

Multi-Currency and Pricing Flexibility

  • Support for multi-currency that allows you quote globally
  • Quote line items that can each use different price lists
  • Discounting and mark ups that can be done by line item or in bulk
  • Pricing based on tiers and blocks of units of the products

Rapid Quote Generation

  • Copy a quote from an existing one.
  • Copied quote can be used for the same opportunity or for a different opportunity as well. This allows for each cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to be quickly pursued.

Powerful Administration

  • Setup and manage users and manage password policies
  • A Workflow Configurator that provides powerful controls
  • A Pricing Configurator that enforces pricing policies
  • Rules and Conditions configurator to create and set them up

QuoteEdge and Keystone


QuoteEdge is developed and deployed on PositiveEdge’s Keystone, a highly scalable, multi-functional, secure and portable enterprise platform. The application combines the latest trends in user interface paradigms and backend server technology that optimizes application performance, availability and reliability, overall security, and platform extensibility to suit various customer solution requirements while lowering total cost of ownership.

QuoteEdge can be accessed as an independent application in the cloud or accessed as an integrated fully featured quote module from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com.

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QuoteEdge in the Cloud

QuoteEdge can be run from anywhere, whether it behind a customer’s firewall in a proprietary network, or from private and public clouds. But QuoteEdge works best when deployed on Amazon Web services (AWS) or on Microsoft’s Azure. AWS and Azure allow QuoteEdge to rapidly scale and ensures reliable and robust deployments by providing pre-configured services such as backups, archiving, disaster recovery, portability. These cloud providers also have global and regional presence for those businesses that are sensitive to data location along with other deployment concerns such as network latency, performance and other business continuity considerations.



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