Robotics Process Automation

ERP Automation

ERP systems are at the core of integrated back-office systems. At the same time, ERP functions across the board—such as Finance, HR, CRM, and Supply Chain.

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Accelerate your ERP Systems
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ERP Systems

ERP systems are at the core of integrated back-office systems. At the same time, ERP functions across the board—such as Finance, HR, CRM, and Supply Chain—continue to rely on costly and error-prone manual repetitive processes performed by humans.

Automating with RPA delivers:

  • Cost savings
  • 100% accuracy
  • Increased processing speed
  • Flexible and scalable workforce capacity, with always-on availability
  • Improved compliance, controls and auditability
  • Real-time analytics and business intelligence

Meet your intelligent digital workforce

How is RPA able to automate ERP processes? RPA bots work the way people do. No changes to process flows are required. RPA bots see, compare, reference, and establish patterns. RPA software robots are equipped with the same digital skillset as your workforce—everything from logging in to copy-paste to correcting missing data details.

Easy to implement and use

Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA is designed for ease of use by anyone across the business.

Simple to scale

RPA is designed for rapid scaling across functions and according to dynamic business needs.

Enterprise-grade secure

Rely on industry-leading secure platform architecture and bank-grade encryption.

Improve any process with RPA

ERP process automation with the most-deployed RPA platform


Automate every aspect of the employee lifecycle process, from recruiting to onboarding to career development and more. RPA can handle all repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing HR for human and value-added work.


Enhance the customer experience (CX) with automation. Chatbots increase call center efficacy and improve CSat. Intelligent, attended RPA bots can delegate issues to humans to address them before they escalate.


Process automation is key to running a lean supply chain function. RPA can lower labor costs and improve your company’s competitive position.


Use automation to improve collaboration, inventory management, procurement, and order processing. Enable teams with data to manage – and optimize – manufacturing production.


Automate financial and accounting processes and eliminate human-error factor. Increase overall cost-efficiency and improve regulatory compliance with RPA programmed to meet legal reporting requirements.


Get process-level real-time data analytics to help enhance agility and improve critical decision making. Embedded RPA analytics, Bot Insight, integrates with leading BI solutions for unprecedented insight into digital workforce performance.

Streamline back-office systems with the
complete digital workforce

Realize the benefits of seamless ERP process automation with the RPA platform architected for the Digital Workforce of both present and future

Streamline back-office systems

Robotic Process Automation

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