A revolutionary, next-gen Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile, and web technologies to deliver automated engagement workflows across multiple channels.

Customer Journeys, Simplified

A continuous, unbroken and personalized journey as they move between various channels.


Contextual Empathy. Curated Journeys. Superior Outcomes.

The PositiveBOTs Difference

PositiveBOTs provides digital self-service, AI-driven assistants and live interactions — all in one framework.

Consolidated Omni-channel

  • Deliver a secure, digital-optimized experience
  • Provide a single thread of engagement across multiple touch points

Immediate Results

  • Deflect routine calls, realize day 1 self service benefits
  • Redirect agent attention to high value conversations

Realistic, Comprehensive AI

  • Dramatically improve CX, contact center OpEx, and agent performance
  • Machine learning delivers improving benefits over time

Curated Automation

  • Unstructured conversational + structured visual flows
  • Seamless bot-to-agent and agent-to-bot transitions

Optimized for digital-and-mobile first engagement

  • Enable contextual and persistent customer conversations
  • Easily embed into web, telephony, social

Why PositiveBOTs

Better than Web Chat

  • Persistent Messaging
  • Contextual Entry Points
  • Omni-channel
  • Mixed Modality

Better than Social

  • Business in control of channel, no rate limits, no blocking
  • Native mobile application integration
  • Persistent across channels

Better than Telephony

  • Asynchronous, persistent communications
  • Mixed modalities: text, widget, voice
  • Contextual entry points

Better than Chatbots

  • Blended Natural Language and structured UI flows
  • Contextual and hyper-personalized customer journey
  • Seamless escalation to live assistance



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