Microsoft Dynamics 365
Project Operations

Automate project planning, resources scheduling, time and cost management, and service analytics in an all-in-one package. Gets you what you need while making management seamless.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations (formerly Project Service Automation)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a Dynamics 365 solution that includes capabilities from Microsoft Project and project management accounting functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, to deliver a single application for everything you need to run your project operations – from quote to accounting and delivery.

Drive project success and profitability

Empower your teams to win more contracts, optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery, and maximize profitability with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.


deals Expand your
client base

Help win more bids by delivering a differentiated customer experience with better contract management and more accurate project quotes.

resource Optimize resource utilization

By aligning the right people with the right skills to the right projects, increasing project profitability and ensuring project success.

speed Drive project delivery success

Manage planning and execution flexibly with easy-to-use embedded Microsoft Project capabilities, including Kanban boards, Gantt charts.

time Amplify team collaboration

Facilitate communication, document sharing, and transparency across the entire project lifecycle.

economy Optimize project economics

With costing, budgeting, invoicing, revenue recognition, and compliance capabilities, and gain visibility into key business health metrics such as gross margin and project profitability.

discover Act on up-to-date insights

Rapidly adapt and respond to market demand through actionable insights from a consolidated view of your project sales and financial data.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver exceptional deal management experiences

  • Customize resource-based costing and pricing to accommodate customers’ needs
  • Leverage deal structures tailored for project-based organizations
  • Shorten the deal cycle with flexible pricing and more accurate quotes
  • Get comprehensive pipeline management and a unified sales dashboard

Drive success through enhanced project management capabilities

  • Give project managers the tools they need to succeed
  • Track your projects efficiently
  • Foster better teamwork with Microsoft Teams

Optimize resource scheduling and assignments

  • Maximize your resource utilization
  • Align the right people with the right skillsets to the right projects
  • Anticipate resourcing needs with intelligent scheduling

Simplify time tracking and expense management

  • Accelerate productivity by submitting time and expenses on the go
  • Ensure accurate reporting and approvals
  • Unify your time and expense processes

Drive business performance through streamlined project financials

  • Recognize revenue accurately and on time
  • Improve cash flow by invoicing customers quickly and more precisely
  • Manage your project accounting with higher accuracy
  • Expand to a service-centric enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

Benefits: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

  • Improve agility and profitability with greater visibility
  • Win more deals with a connected sales team
  • Deliver better client experiences and unlock larger profit potential
  • Streamline processes and improve quality of work
  • Optimize project economics with costing, budgeting, invoicing, and revenue recognition
  • Foster best practices and ensure compliance for processes
  • Improve cash flows by invoicing clients quickly and more precisely
  • Drive business performance through streamlined project financials
  • Foster better teamwork with greater project lifecycle collaboration

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The Project Management tools in Dynamics 365 Project Operations help you easily run projects. The scheduling tools help project managers and teams stay productive. Some of the tasks that the tools help with include: Plan projects by using a work schedule and estimates.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 application released in October of 2020. It is an evolution of the existing project management and accounting modules inside Dynamics 365 Finance as well as the previous Project Service Automation (PSA) solution from Microsoft.

Dynamic Project Management is a fluid, supportive and responsive way of managing projects that works with the needs of teams rather than against them.

A More Resilient Project Management System Because you start with priorities before building a plan, the dynamic project management system helps teams work on the right priorities at the right time. It also helps teams see and mitigate risks much earlier than they would with a legacy project management tool.

In traditional management, ownership belongs to the Project Manager. It is the manager's responsibility to plan and document the entire journey of the product. Apart from managers, only customers are involved in the planning stage but once implementation begins their involvement is zero.

Automation can be defined as the process of using machines and technology to complete tasks and processes with little or no human assistance. Therefore, project management software automation refers to software that can complete basic project management tasks and functions without your intervention.

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