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Uptake Radar is powered by asset-specific data science bundles from the Uptake Industrial Library to optimize equipment performance.

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Predictive Insights for Critical Assets

Predictive Insights for Critical Assets

Use your own data to spot equipment issues before they cost you time and money. Radar is an advanced data analytics tool that analyzes real-time and historical data using advanced, pre-configured data science models.


Get the right alerts exactly
when you need them

Our products are built upon our Industrial AI Platform which ingests, cleans, and organizes all types of industrial data at scale. With a clean foundation of data to work from, Radar uses predictive analytics to spot small issues before they become costly operational problems.

Analyze real-time and historical data

Understand the comprehensive health status of each asset. Keep records up-to-date by layering in streaming sensor data and live readings.

Pre-configured data science models

Apply asset-specific analytics to your data with data science bundles from the Uptake Industrial Library.

User-friendly interface

See all your asset data in one easy-to-use dashboard. Alerts are surfaced in the Uptake user interface, through APIs, or sent directly to your inbox.

Access to our Asset Strategy Library

Optimize your maintenance program leveraging the world’s largest library of asset failure data with 58,000+ failures modes for over 800 asset types.

Deploy our ready-to-go modules

Deploy our ready-to-go modules

Get faster results by applying one of our ready-to-go modules that leverage failure prediction, anomaly detection, fluid analysis, and power performance analytics.

Industrial analytics


Industrial analytics analytics

Pre-trained analytics bundles that are built to generate predictive insights for specific asset types. Uptake Radar addresses the highest-value use cases that were identified alongside global industry leaders.

  • Asset Dashboard
  • Asset Mapping
  • Insight Screens
  • Specialized analytics

Available modules today

Uptake Radar modules provide off-the-shelf analytics capabilities that help you hit the ground running. In addition to realizing value quickly, we will draw from engagements with global industry leaders to help you understand the return on investment before you make a decision.

  • On-highway trucks
  • Wind turbines
  • Mining borers
  • Mining haul trucks
  • Energy grid
  • Defense ground vehicles
  • Railcars
  • Mining processing equipment
  • Equipment dealers

Custom industrial analytics


If you are looking for advanced analytics for an asset that is not yet part of the Uptake Industrial Library, we can help you achieve your analytics goals with our proven data science tools and processes that enable the deployment of new use cases at record speed.

Because of our drive to deliver quality analytics at scale in record time, we have developed basic building blocks (called Data Science Engines). This means we never have to start from scratch when working on new use cases or asset types, allowing us to deploy software quickly and reliably. These Data Science Engines address common analytics issues like weather, noise filtering, generating recommendations based on operational context, and automatically cleaning data. They can be applied to fixed or mobile assets.


Core Product Features

Thanks to over 2.4 billion hours of machine data, we know the data signatures that indicate a failure. But our products go beyond that. To make sure that you’re never caught off guard, we use state-of-the-art anomaly detection capabilities to identify every pattern that does not look right, we monitor the performance of your machines to help you identify the ones that need attention, and we leverage fluid analysis data to protect you from bad surprises.

Failure Prediction

Get alerted when data patterns indicate that action needs to be taken to prevent a serious issue. Uptake’s suite of analytics software continuously watches every data stream and knows which thresholds of a signal or combination of signals indicates trouble.

Anomaly Detection

Quickly identify data signatures that indicate a potential issue and alert technicians without having to sift through mountains of data. Use machine learning to learn from past behaviors to reduce false-positive alerts.

Fluids Analysis

Better understand your fluid analysis lab data with pre-built, targeted failure prediction models specific to fluid analysis. Compatible with any fluid manufacturer, equipment OEM, and fluid analysis provider.

Power Performance

Gain clear visibility into what’s happening on your wind farm with data science dashboards specially designed for energy companies. Analyze performance independent of OEM and easily compare against historic and proximity turbines.

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