Real Estate & Property Management

Real Estate & Property Management

We help real estate and property management companies move forward in their processes and systems in order for them to adapt to the changing times.

Real Estate & Property Management
CX & CRMImplementation

Real Estate & Property Management CX & CRM Implementation

As the face of the real estate and property management industry has changed from a decade ago, top players in this field are faced with the challenge to manage their customer service operations, improve their processes and workflows, eliminate departmental silos, and advance together with the changing technologies.

With our proven track record, PositiveEdge has helped companies in the real estate and property management industry by building solutions that helped the following organizations stay ahead of their competition:

Customer Service




Created comprehensive work flows including pre-defined work flows and on demand work flows which should be easily configurable and to be administered.

Enabled a comprehensive Service Request Management system

Set SLAs for tasks/work flows along with auto escalation and reporting

Implemented tight security built against multiple business units, Users & Roles along with record level security

Deployed user-based, role-based, and group-based dashboards with drill down functionality

Enabled integration with ERP and Courier Detailed production management system

Implemented document management capability (ability should be provided to build custom forms within the CRM framework with work flow capability)

Enabled integration with outlook calendar
of the user/group

Created a Knowledge base

Enabled integration with automatic call distribution (ACD) and computer-telephone integration (CTI)

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