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Competing into today’s modern business landscape requires having the right data and intelligence at the right time. For the agile executions that determine success in this fast-paced environment, that time is real-time. But with the increasingly global scale and scope of today’s enterprises, critical data often get locked away in silos across divisions and operations, accumulating in the dark. This severely impact an enterprise’s ability to make effective business decisions, with 97 percent of executives believing that these data silos have a negative effect on the organization.

However, unlocking this data presents a significant integration challenge, requiring that data be drawn from applications distributed across various cloud services and on-premise systems. Connecting and consolidating these sources into a traditional database is not only tedious and time consuming, but costly as well.

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PositiveEdge’s Dataedge is a web-based application that enables enterprises to fully leverage their data. By connecting to their various applications, whether they reside in the cloud or on-premise, Dataedge is able to consolidate data from these disparate sources into a single application in real-time without the use of a traditional database.

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This unified data dashboard allows business users to not only view, but perform standard ETL data queries and operations such as create, update, and deletion. This also enables the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for in-depth data analysis and business insight.

Enabling the Data-Driven Organization

Our Dataedge tool can help you

Provide a simple user interface to mine data from various systems, configure connections, build and save queries, and perform data operations

Allow end users to make instant comparisons and perform updates as they view the data

Enable the use of advanced analytics on your data, wherever it may reside

Dataedge and Keystone


Dataedge is deployed on PositiveEdge’s Keystone, a highly scalable, multi-functional, secure and portable enterprise platform. This provides users with a simple interface for mining data from various systems, configuring connections, building and save queries, and performing data operations. The various data views are designed to allow the business users to make instant comparisons and updates as they view their data!

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Dataedge in the Cloud

Dataedge can be run from anywhere but works best when deployed in the cloud on Amazon Web services (AWS) or on Microsoft’s Azure. AWS and Azure allow Dataedge to rapidly scale and provides pre-configured services optimize performance and business continuity such as backups, archiving, disaster recovery, portability, global and regional presence, and other deployment concerns.



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