SAP Customer Data Platform

SAP Customer Data Platform

With enterprise-wide customer data management, you can increase customer engagement and strengthen customer retention.

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SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a solution designed to help organizations unify and manage customer data across various channels and touchpoints. It enables businesses to create a single, comprehensive view of each customer by integrating data from different sources. This unified customer profile can then be leveraged to deliver personalized and targeted customer experiences.


SAP Features

  • Gain a better understanding of your customers.
  • With generative AI, you can enhance customer insights and operational intelligence.
  • Focused engagements will grow your business.
  • Put your trust in your customer data.
  • Respect for data privacy.
  • Collecting real-time data from multiple sources.

360-Degree Customer View

Customer data platform sap offers a 360-degree view of customers, encompassing data from different touchpoints, channels, and systems to provide a holistic understanding of customer relationships.

The 360-Degree Customer View is designed to be dynamic, allowing for real-time updates as new data becomes available. This ensures that businesses are working with the most current and relevant customer information.


SAP Customer Data Cloud is a suite of solutions offered by SAP to manage customer identities and deliver personalized and secure experiences across digital channels.

customer accounts Customer Identity :

Customer Identity is a CIAM solution (Customer Identity and Access Management) that enables you to connect with your website and app users, and engage with your customers.

social Customer Consent :

The consent management component is dedicated to handling customer consents and preferences. It allows businesses to manage and track customer consent across various data processing activities, ensuring compliance with data protection regulation

social CIAM for B2B :

CIAM for B2B extends identity and access management capabilities to B2B scenarios.

Difference between SAP Customer Data Platform and SAP Customer Data Cloud?

SAP offers two distinct solutions for managing customer data: SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) and SAP Customer Data Cloud. While both solutions focus on customer data, they serve different purposes within the SAP ecosystem.

  • The SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) is based on the same technology as the SAP Customer Data Cloud, but it can also be used independently.
  • It is possible for customers to register with different authentication methods through SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC).
  • Even though both services are cloud-based, allowing for seamless deployment and scalability, they offer entirely different functionalities.

Improving Customer Experience

SAP CDP focuses on enhancing the customer experience across many channels, including the website, mobile apps, and desktop stores. By centralizing and unifying customer data, the platform likely assists in creating a more cohesive and consistent experience for customers regardless of the touchpoints they interact with.

If organizations can effectively leverage SAP CDP, they may benefit from improved customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and fruitful marketing strategies.


User-friendly interface for businesses

Allowing users to create and visualize customer segments based on specific criteria for targeted marketing and personalized engagement. Providing key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer engagement, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and other metrics to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Showing the impact of personalization efforts on customer interactions and conversions.

More details

The SAP Customer Data Platform ensures consistent engagement of customers. Every segment is on the identical page regarding the client experience. SAP Customer Data Cloud creates a customer profile across all company channels, whether it's shopping, a service portal, or a billing inquiry. The outcome is a consistent client journey. An excellent shopping experience without data breaks that is designed to excite your clients.


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