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Analytics to help measure and understand the entire customer experience

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Let data lead the way

Building the best customer experience works better when it's driven by data. With Zendesk Explore, you get instant access to the customer analytics that matter—and the deeper understanding of your customers and business that comes with it.


Power up your support

Explore is more than pretty dashboards. It’s a comprehensive customer analytics toolkit that helps you measure and optimize every interaction a customer has with your business. It integrates seamlessly with every Zendesk channel, so your team always has the data to make better decisions.

Interactive dashboards for every channel

  • Let best practices lead the way
  • Act on real-time trends
  • Slice and dice everything
  • Drill down and dig in
  • Export your findings

Customize reporting to fit your needs

  • Chart recommendations
  • Custom fields
  • Forecast ahead
  • Control your results
  • Keep it tidy

Share and collaborate with teammates

  • Dashboard viewer portal
  • Share with your team
  • Product-wide search
  • Roles and permissions
  • Secured attributes
  • Multilingual
  • Global availability

Gain visibility into every interaction

Gain visibility into every interaction

Customer support can happen anywhere—on email, chat, phone, or your social channels. It’s good to have a customer analytics tool that can keep up. Explore integrates data from every channel, so you can measure how customers interact with your brand without losing the thread.

Fine tune your CX operations

The visibility that Explore brings has helped us improve our support operations tremendously--we're now able to surface problem areas from our tickets, quickly fix routing rules, and identify training opportunities for our team.


Improve agent productivity


Improve agent productivity

We love the analytics Explore gives us into agent performance. In one quick glance, we can easily identify who has low CSAT or one-touch ticket rates and identify areas of development for our team.

Understand your customers

We’ve been using Zendesk data that comes out of Explore to identify the most critical reasons our customers are getting in contact with us. And with that, building a roadmap of potential improvements from both an operations and product perspective.


The Zendesk Family

Zendesk Support gives you everything you need to manage your customer interactions in one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with the Zendesk family of products.


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