Manufacturing & Food Processing

Manufacturing & Food Processing

We help manufacturing and food processing companies streamline and modernize their processes while addressing the evolving demands of the industry.

Manufacturing & Food Processing
CX & CRM Implementation

Manufacturing & Food Processing CX & CRM Implementation

Manufacturing and food processing companies are required to adhere to manufacturing food safety regulations in an industry with accelerating compliance requirements.

They must add value to their products, speed up their innovation cycle, and adapt to the shift toward e-commerce while streamlining and modernizing their processes. With our proven track record, PositiveEdge has helped institutions in the manufacturing and food processing industry by building solutions that have allowed the following organizations stay ahead of the industry curve:





Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online in three different divisions for both textile and non-textile units

Integrated SAP B1 with MS CRM for the account and contact data with two-way data transfer between the two applications

Ensured system scalability through robust solutions architectures

Enabled various capabilities in Resil:

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Visit Management
  • Finish Request
  • Trial Request
  • Service Request
  • Product Substitution Analysis
  • Service Management
  • Integration with SAP B1 for Accounts and Contacts data

Automated communication and document management at par with compliance and regulatory law, resulting in higher brand value and growth

Created a unified system for all supplier
related documents

Enabled supplier authorization
using DocuSign

Devised an approval mechanism for CRM users for supplier documents

Helped foster Taylor Farms’ strong commitment to food safety


The automated process of quoting and workflows at par with standard benchmarks, resulting in higher brand value and growth

Enabled the generation of multiple quotes for a single opportunity with automatic carry-over of key fields and line items from the opportunity into the quote

Enabled revision of quotes while maintaining traceability of quote revisions

Enabled “clone quote” that speeds up
the quoting process

Enabled multiple price-lists with
multi-currency support

Allowed for highly granular product configuration with the availability of write-in products

Implemented the automatic verification of the quote for consistency that makes the process very reliable

Enabled multi-tiered pricing based
on quantity

Configured WS Federation authentication that supports Single Sign-On

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