Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Create a positive customer experience to increase customer engagement.

Delivering memorable and exciting experiences

Companies that successfully implement a customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction, reduced customer churn and increased revenue. To deliver memorable and exciting experiences with their products, they go above and beyond by infusing newer technologies. We help organizations leverage new and different ways to create lifetime experiences.

Our Customer Experience (CX) proposition and suite of offerings allow clients to transform their relationships with their customers and create experiences which provide rapid and sustainable value, both for their end-customer as well as their own organization.

Our clients are the heads of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, E-Commerce and IT. Our offerings are built to meet their needs. To do so we orchestrate Experience Design, Transformation Consulting, Marketing Execution, Architecture and Technology integration capabilities…all in a strong collaborative mode with them.

  • Creating experiences that build relationships
  • Continuously evolving and reinventing brand purpose and proposition with their customers

  • Embracing humanity, sensitivity and intuition – grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technology
  • Delivering Agile and Scalable CX projects

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Covering a diverse range of customer touchpoints

PositiveEdge customer experience solutions provide a comprehensive framework that considers the specific nuances and the validation needs of each channel, be it web, mobile, extended reality or Conversational AI. At the same time customer journey mapping across these channels helps in ensuring a seamless omni-channel experience.

Implementing continuous improvement in customer experience

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Customer experience platforms by PositiveEdge help in comprehensive monitoring and visualization of CX trends. It also helps to bring insights related to end customer feedback and usage patterns to the QA process, thus enabling a constant feedback loop throughout the application lifecycle.

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Delivering immersive and personalized customer experiences

Through the use of chatbots, AI voice assistants, PositiveEdge plays a key role in defining in-store experience for retail organization customers. We help our clients ensure that their customer at the physical stores are not deprived of the same seamless and immersive experience that the digital native or the millennial customer is accustomed to.

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