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Cloud Migration

Enterprises are leveraging the cloud to accelerate digital transformation and gain competitive advantage—while seeking new ways to use data, AI and other emerging technologies.

Our Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Migration

You need a trusted partner who can advise and collaborate with you to advance your cloud initiatives and help modernize your enterprise business and technology platforms. Regardless of your industry, size or stage in your journey, our cloud migration services helps you unlock innovation and move to cloud with confidence.

Our cloud migration services is the answer for organizations that want to migrate applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity and lowered capital and operating costs. This accelerates time to market, without compromising security and compliance.

Cloud Migration

Your partner for the transformation and migration journey

Choosing the right partner is critical to finding the least disruptive route to transformation. We continually support and deliver transformation plan, providing not only the platforms but the knowledge and experience of these to deliver cost savings and efficiency gains.

Delivering positive business outcomes

Success is measured by business impact. Our services drive tangible value including performance improvements of up to 60% and support costs cut by up to 80%.

Complete visibility to aid decision making

Few legacy businesses have complete visibility of their applications. We classify and categorize all applications to identify which need to be retired, retained, re-fabricated or replaced.

Next-generation application management

We use next-generation application management methodology injected with design thinking, agile and DevOps, automation and application management – independent of whether it is for a cloud or on-premise environment.

Optimize utilization of infrastructure

Organizations can expect to achieve faster modernization of legacy applications and gain up to 80% better utilization of underlying infrastructure.

Microsoft Cloud Delivery Centre

Access transformational opportunities by moving IT workloads to Microsoft Azure

Organizations wanting to adopt agile, scalable and secure IT with the reduced total cost of operations opt for Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution. Our Microsoft Cloud Delivery Centre offers these organizations with assessment, advisory, implementation, migration, operations and support services.

With Microsoft Azure, clients access the opportunities presented by Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service in addition to enabling integration with Software-as-a-Service products like Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Organizations breaking away from legacy CRM and opting for SaaS options turn to us for CRM modernization. Our framework provides pre-built tools and templates to accelerate transition to on-cloud Salesforce. With over 13 years of CRM experience across solutions and as a global service provider, we are able to reduce data migration cycle time by about 40%, bring about a 70% improvement in data quality, and reduce development effort to build synchronization by 20%. Clients using our solutions radically improve customer experience across traditional and digital touch points and are able to quickly scale to meet business requirements.

CRM Modernisation

Comprehensive Salesforce migration framework to help unlock value of legacy CRM and enhance overall application capabilities

Enterprise Migration to AWS

Use structured, well-defined processes, tools and frameworks for flawless cloud migration

Organizations with a cloud-first and cloud-fast strategy choose us for our proven migration capabilities. As an AWS cloud migration partner for clients, PositiveEdge assess and plan large scale migrations, identify the workloads to migrate and mitigate risk through tools and processes.

We also create management and governance models to ensure clients can effectively continue to run on AWS. Our experience in working with many fortune 500 clients is an endorsement of the technical proficiency in managing successful migrations across industries.

When changing business dynamics demand, our Transformation Solution can accelerate the migration of applications to new platforms (such as cloud). Traditionally, this is a manual process, leading to errors and long cycle times.

Transformation solution automates analysis and code modification to provide low-cost, error-free refactoring and migration with up to 40% reduction in migration cycle time.

Transformation Solution

Use automation for reduced-risk and low-cost migration with zero impact on downstream applications

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