Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Koopid’s A.I-powered CX Orchestration platform transforms your contact center into a digital-first powerhouse, deftly blending intelligent automation and expert human touch across channels.

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PositiveEdge-Koopid Partnership

PositiveEdge is Koopid’s premier implementation partner to create seamless experiences across channels, blending smart and dynamic visual interfaces, conversational A.I and live agent interactions via messaging and voice.

Streamline Routine Tasks through our AI-enabled bots

By creating AI powered bots for your workforce, you can automate and streamline various labor intensive and routine tasks. Also, your employees can stay updated without being platform dependent or be tied to specific devices. They can get updated information on any device that can host the messaging application

AI-enabled bots
Supply Chain Bots

Supply Chain Bots for a Manufacturing Unit

Our supply chain bots boost productivity and engagement by streamlining interactions amongst employees and within departments. With a bot for supply chain, you can get real-time status updates on the manufacturing process, good produced, goods distributed and goods returned. These bots can also keep track of purchase order, inventory in-stock and out-of-stock, generate reports for shipping notifications, freight shipment and much more, resulting into huge optimizations of resources.

Bots assist and give intelligent product recommendations and makes post sales tasks convenient. Act as support to customer service staff, our Bots for retail industry can serve customers better once they place the order. It can send receipts, provide shipping and tracking information and answer all order-related questions 24x7. Digital Shopping assistant, also make product search easier for customers as they can ask the chatbot for a website to search for a particular item and bot will find relevant products.

Digital Shopping Assistant

Digital Shopping Assistant for Retailers and ECommerce

Patient Care Bots

Patient Care Bots for Hospitals, Nursing Home and Diagnostic companies

Our healthcare bots are designed to deliver personalized experiences to your patients for identifying the illness, scheduling doctor appointments, notifying caregivers about symptoms, monitoring the health status, update the home-care assistant from time-to-time and more. Our chatbots for healthcare can update patients with their reports or let their family members know about the prognosis of the condition. Retail drug chains can offer their customers a bot that helps them order a refill of their prescription through the chat application. Healthcare insurance companies can deploy our bot to answer questions related to insurance coverage, claims and procedures.

Our Banking bots can help you to work together with customers to help them achieve their financial goals. Customers can get financial guidance directly through the bot and know different ways to save and invest. Banks and Housing finance corporations can provide advice related to mortgage or loan to their customers on the fly. Banks can also instantly alert customers about potential fraud to further detect and prevent any suspicious transactions. Thus this interface can establish trust among customers and increase satisfaction.

Personal Banker Bot

Personal Banker Bot for Large and Small Banks

Insurance Bot

Insurance Bot for Automated claim management and Underwriting

Our Chatbots for Insurance provide pre-sales information, instant quotation and increase customer engagement by providing saving tips. Insurance bot can keep track of claim status and any changes made by the customer. It can also lookout for inaccuracies and inform the customer, that save time and make the claim process faster. Our bots can help the customers when they’re stuck in an emergency situation and guide on next steps thus providing them a clear path to follow in case of traumatic situations

Our bots can not only help customer finalize a destination for their vacation trips but also assist them in booking hotels and flights. These bots have the knowledge where the customer is and where is he up to, based on previous conversation. Due to such knowledge, bots help customers in case they require something to make their journeys better. Our bots for hotels, resorts can gather information to guide your customer through places, especially when (s)he is new in the city.

Travel Assistant Bot

Travel Assistant Bot for Hospitality Sector

Intelligent Bots

Intelligent Bots for Smart Cities

Our bots for eGovernance services automate citizen queries, payment of taxes and e-Challans. These bots can also be used for Comprehensive Redressal system and integrated city operations services for citizens over intuitive smart city applications, thus growing the usage of digital systems implemented by Governments and Urban Local Bodies. Chatbot engages with the citizens by broadcasting personalized reminders for tax payment, update on complaint status, government policies, health updates, sending regular updates, polls, surveys, targeted broadcasts to a particular age/location/range of citizens.

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