Taking your Dealer Management System to the next level


In today’s highly digitizing world, movement spells how enterprises perform. OEMs, dealers, and distributors of industries like Auto, Manufacturing, Retail, and Telco face several challenges, including timely feedback and action, maintaining inventory, fulfilling a demanding customer’s needs, filing reports, and lots more.

The dealer management system has started gaining prominence here to maximize digitization while managing the dealerships effectively for all sectors. Dealer management software help create seamless strategies to drive continuous engagement with customers at each step, from building brand awareness and selling vehicles to service and parts transactions.

Taking a step ahead towards Innovation and Excellence for Dealer management in today’s time is undoubtedly challenging to manage all industrial business areas manually.

One thing that remains consistent for all dealerships is the need to manage your online dealer management systems (DMS) more efficiently.

How important is a dealer management system to your industry?

Dealer Management SystemThe dealership is one of the key components of the retail selling system. It helps businesses in managing records, databases, and end-to-end processes of their retail & FMCG business.

A DMS is going to be an important entity in the supply chain landscape because traditional dealerships will continue to be important in the coming decade. According to a survey by EY in Germany for automotive dealers:

For many customers, dealerships will still provide additional information, which is difficult to get online. This clearly indicates that dealerships are going to be one of the mainstays of the supply chain ecosystem, and hence the need for a digital system to manage them.

Dealers and distributors in most industries (auto, manufacturing, retail, telco, etc.) will all have some form of a DMS.

There is no doubt that automation serves to be the central nervous system for the entire cement factory.

Nowadays, cement companies are also looking at automation beyond their factories. A fine instance of this is AI-based automation for customer transactions, where services can be provided anytime, anywhere, and that too across messaging apps.

Automated Dealer Management System (DMS) is another tool that can help the cement industry professionals view outstanding orders, automatically book new orders, perform order follow-ups and pay online.

Dealer Management SystemExceeding customer expectations is now in your hands with the capability to plan, organize, and execute all your operations. With years of experience in this field and skilled team members, PositiveEdge’s solution has helped enterprises for managing Multiband Sales, Service, and Distribution networks. It integrates all business processes right from service booking to integrated claims management. From order booking to invoicing, giving you a solution that effectively utilizes business resources, PositiveEdge streamlines your entire Sales, Distribution, and Service Network.

OEMs in every sector require extensive coordination with dealers and distributors, usually spread across thousands of kilometers. Hence, the efficient flow of information is vital to the success of any business. This coordination can get extremely challenging sometimes.

PositiveEdge’s CRM for Dealer Management proves to be a perfect and permanent solution that helps transform business operations.

At PositiveEdge, innovation and excellence are our prime focus in each of our endeavors. Developing intuitive, robust, and useful tools & platforms are at the core of our efforts. With an integrated and pragmatic approach to products and services, we ensure that your workflows are more efficient, transparent, and profitable. More than 30000 users at different locations worldwide are enjoying the benefits of PositiveEdge Software products.

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