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Microsoft Power Platform

Why is Power Platform Important?

Data is growing at the rate of light in the digital age. The volume of businesses producing data is growing which is causing everyone to become more dependent on data. Since all the data produced is inevitable but it’s not worth the effort unless businesses gain insights and understanding from it. In the sense that they realize tangible advantages.

The way things were done was traditional, IT/Development teams would handle the analysis of data, app development and automation. This requires staff to write out their needs and expectations and submit the requests to their IT department then wait to find out whether it was approved and wait for the app to be created.

The process is time-consuming and will require substantial internal resources, or could be expensive if done externally. Additionally, the solutions that are demanded tend to be in urgent need which means that waiting weeks could lead to delays for the organization.

This is the point at which Microsoft Power Platform is able to help. Microsoft Power Platform partner, PositiveEdge permits data democratization, i.e., the expertise to make digital information that is accessible to the common non-technical user.

It has four technology options which allow employees to experiment with their data, even if they don’t have the right programming abilities. Although it doesn’t have the complexity and flexibility of custom coding it offers an easy method for the majority of users to design, automate or analysis of data in a way that most employees find difficult to master.

Microsoft Power Platform in delivering the true business value

Nowadays, companies have realized the importance of using data to make business-related decisions to attain the desired results. This has led to huge quantities of data generated by sources like social media, web traffic and CRM systems and ERP being collected and stored more effectively by businesses. After the set-up is set up what can be done to make it work optimally for the users?

The employees benefit from the readily accessible data stored in the cloud storage at the exact moment they need it, which helps them make informed decisions and achieve powerful results.

Power Platform is designed precisely to serve this purpose.

In order to successfully propel businesses forward they must follow three steps to ensure their data that is scrutinized to take action and then automate. Power BI, Power Apps and Automate are all used in tandem to analyze and process data to meet the requirements of all employees, from the CEO to the staff members on the frontline.

The power platform is made up of these four products:

  1. Power Apps
  2. Power Automate
  3. Power BI
  4. Power Virtual Agents

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps is an exclusive framework that is low-code and easy to use that allows custom app development and lets developers create applications by using drag-and-drop.

Power Apps is more of a platform-as-a-service offered by Microsoft Power Platform. It lets you:

Develop functional applications swiftly and with no experience in programming, which relieves stress on already overloaded IT teams.

It syncs with a variety of data sources through Power Apps, and once it’s developed users will need to publish the app to users within their organization.

  • Surface data is transformed into an easy-to-use application that assists in the entry of data. This lets users get the data they require to finish a task.
  • Developers can easily develop applications that are executed on any browser like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and others, as well as native mobile applications that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are able to create mobile applications only to be used internally using Microsoft Power Apps, not for clients across the world. Furthermore, because the framework does not rely on code developers are not able to have control over the UI elements or alter the implicit HTML code to change it.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Platform

Automated integration seamlessly into web-based applications

Power Automate is also known as Microsoft Flow. Modern companies are always preparing for a more speedy and efficient automation environment that can handle and take over the majority of manual work.

PositiveEdge’s Microsoft Power Platform element allows businesses to seamlessly integrate powerful workflow automation into their enterprise applications, without writing code, eliminating routine tasks, while saving some of their time.

Microsoft’s Power Automate already includes various pre-defined layouts that allow users to choose an existing workflow and then begin working. It also allows users to choose workflows from templates so that they can begin building workflows from starting from scratch.

You can create automated workflows that connect Microsoft solutions and other apps. This allows you to:

  • Standard automation is possible, and there are templates for automation that have been pre-defined and can be utilized.
  • Make your own automation by integrating various applications, such as Outlook, office 365, SharePoint or other non-Microsoft applications like Twitter, Gmail, MailChimp and many more.
  • It is possible to create alarms, trigger points automate email workflows, push notifications and more in a matter of minutes, with no programming.
  • In simple terms it helps you save time, reduce manual labour and simplify the business process.

Power BI

Microsoft Power Platform

Utilize multiple sources of data to analyze and provide actionable insight for analytical tools for business. Microsoft Power BI is a tool for business analytics.

Power BI offers a desktop-based version of cloud-hosted Power BI Service. It can be used for connecting to a vast variety of data sources through the creation of dynamic reports, interactive dashboards or stories, which are accompanied by appealing and visually appealing graphs.

It allows businesses to combine all their streaming data, and have access to a centralized dashboard that contains all of the data sets. This can help businesses grow and help companies who are expected to comply with the regulations or standards of compliance.

Power BI as an enterprise analytics tool is extremely fast in its performance. It allows users to:

  • Connect to multiple heterogeneous datasets and then pull the data you need in Power BI’s data model. Power BI data model.
  • Users can modify, shape, and alter the data to meet the reporting requirements. The data that has been transformed can be visualized and displayed in graphs and charts for a clear and insightful look.
  • Overall you’ll be able immediately to analyze and comprehend complicated data, which will allow you to take advantage of that continuous enhancement.

Power Virtual Agent

Microsoft Power Platform

Create chatbots that engage with your employees and customers.

This is a brand new component released by Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft’s bot-building services for business users are officially known as Virtual Agents.

  • Power virtual agents permit users to utilize this feature to build a chatbot starting from scratch without getting involved in complicated programming.
  • Ideas and collaborations can be implemented through Power Virtual Agents’ GUI. Power Virtual Agents portal’s GUI.
  • Power Virtual Agents can conduct the entire chatbot development process from scratch, including creating dialogue for the virtual agent to deploy to channels like Skype, Slack, Teams and more.
  • Based on user comments and their responses, the virtual agents are able to trigger any workflow using Power Automate and complete the task in the manner that is expected.


How does this Power Platform align with Microsoft’s general strategy?

Power Platform Power Platform can interact with many data sources, including applications from third parties such as Google Analytics and social media channels such as Twitter.

Microsoft is promoting its Power Platform to unleash the capabilities that come with Dynamics 365 and Office 365 more quickly than you could have thought of. This lets you expand customizing, integrating, and extending these services effortlessly.

As the product’s popularity grows in popularity, it is expected that the Microsoft Power Platform will be improved and updated frequently. In addition in the event that Microsoft continues to work on bringing all its technology together, we can anticipate seeing the Power Platform play an important part in this. It connects Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 with less code or even a zero-code approach.

PositiveEdge is the Certified Microsoft Power Platform Partner in India

Microsoft Gold Partner, PositiveEdge offers Microsoft Power platform consulting services & implementation in India. When Collaborated, Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents allow you to innovate and speed up delivery and implementation, anywhere in your business.


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In this article, we provided a gist of the Microsoft Power Platform and the necessary tools included in this bundle. Users can use Microsoft PowerApps to build enterprise solutions, while Microsoft Power Automate can be used to automate relevant business operations.

Microsoft’s Implementation partner, PositiveEdge help your business implement solutions to analyze data and generate visualizations from a wide range of data sources using Microsoft Power Platform.



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