How Schemes & Promotions Improve your Sales through Distributor Management App?

Schemes and promotions management

Indian manufacturers have increased incentives for distributors and dealers to increase sales, following the collapse of consumer demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Distributors play an important role in making business for organizations. Schemes & promotions are common for customers but let’s talk about scheme programs for distributors and why it is important for the success of your organization.

The revised schemes and promotions focus on infusing more liquidity into the system, rewarding higher sales performance and taking care of the distributor’s overhead expenses.

How Scheme & Promotion Management is Important for Your Business?

As with customer loyalty programs, distributor scheme management programmes can be a valuable support system for businesses. Trusted channel partners can receive a portion of the profits from swooping sales, in the form of vouchers, rewards points, vouchers or free trips.

They also get a discount on product prices. Our program mechanisms built on the Microsoft Power Platform allow giant companies to foster a sense of responsibility among their distributors regarding the company’s future sales.

Management solutions for scheme promotion help simplify the process of planning, optimizing and reviewing your sales activities. It provides actionable metrics that allow you to make informed decisions and improve sales tracking.

Once you have the right promotional features for your scheme, you’ll be able to discover deduction management, tiered pricing and double-dipping that were previously a problem.

This software is highly recommended as it allows you to predict which promotions will fail and which promotions will work well for increasing your sales through your distributor network. Using the available information allows you to plan product strategy, gain insights and assess demand for the deal’s success.

Schemes and promotions functionalities in a Distributor Management Software built on Microsoft Power Platform

The management of scheme promotion programs can be a complex business process for users, and goods manufacturers as it takes a lot of time, money, and resources.

Companies are moving away from manual processes to implement Scheme features via Distributor management software in order to drive accountability and prevent loss.

It allows administration management to be done with minimal effort. It works in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere. This eliminates the need for you to keep a lot of paper around to support your plan. You will have all the information you need at your fingertips immediately.

Benefits of Scheme & promotion programmes to improve sales within your Distributor Network

schemes and promotions management

Empower your distributors – Distributor App built on Power Apps

They typically have access to the information via a reward portal that ensures that they can have the data available while they plan to reach out to the client. This kind of automated sales tool could be utilized to increase the profit margin and sales without increasing costs for sales and overhead.

Programs such as overseas trips every year, which we’re seeking to transform into cash in order to provide liquidity to distributors. Price benefits or discounts are offered per unit in large orders. If there’s an agreement for more quantities distributors may receive a greater incentive for it.

Sales ROI that is automated

 The best part is that automated scheme programs are dependent on performance. Rewards are only given to distributors after a client makes purchases. Everything is tracked and reported in a way that is automatically facilitated through the reward rules engine and communications platform.

The increase in sales and profits your program generates will cover all costs associated with the program many times over, ensuring that you will get a high ROI for every cent you invest.

Customize your promotional schemes and plans for each distributor you have

The automated communication module will contain things like personalized salutations or current or in-process rewards points, the progress of the reward stage but, perhaps most important, it will serve any bonus promotions that are applicable that can be linked to the specific goals for sales or results that you’ve created to each of your distributors or in the distributor’s segment.

It will allocate your authorized reward amounts for each purchase opportunity and automatically send motivational reward messages to each distributor, helping your sales team, and helping encouraging all your distributors to purchase these goods from you instead of from your competitors.

Program for promotions and schemes created by PositiveEdge’s Distributor Management application provides sales-enhancing actions for distributors to increase profits, and be aware of schemes and promotions.

By using the application built on Microsoft Power Platform you will be enabled to access the most important metrics, which assists the managers of the company in controlling promotions, getting a better understanding of and improving profitability via products and business strategy.


To learn more about, the ways your company can profit through schemes and promotions, to increase the sales of your distributor’s network contact PositiveEdge to talk to an expert or schedule a demonstration right now.

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