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Enterprise eCommerce solutions


Online businesses are rapidly adopting emerging technologies to improve their user experience, influence customer buying behavior, and deliver personalized customer support and experiences. Today, Digital Commerce is helping enterprises in the fast-changing world of online business, be it Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, or any sector by providing enterprise eCommerce solutions.

Online shopping has become extremely easy and attractive. At the same time, bricks and mortar stores are not able to match the prices the digital world can offer and are often crowded, poorly stocked, or even, poorly staffed.

The future of eCommerce will be a boon to the consumers, considering the evolution and developments that have taken place in the enterprise eCommerce business space. From offering customized eCommerce software development solutions to platform-based enterprise eCommerce solutions and now cloud-based data driven technology solutions, Enterprise eCommerce business is surely at an advantage.

Let’s think of something big for the near future. How and where do you see your business in the next 5 or 10 years?

Here is an interesting overview of technologies, trends, and developments that has enhanced the enterprise eCommerce landscape in the last few years –

enterprise ecommerce solutions

  1. Headless eCommerce –Headless eCommerce is a technology architecture that separates the User Interface from the Core Product or Solution. It helps you to rapidly enhance the interface without disturbing the business workflow. The UI or User Interface helps in the provision of an enriching user experience. This kind of website architecture in eCommerce and backend functionalities or technologies provide better working speed and improve the user experience.
  2. Microservices Architecture –This architecture or operational model includes a group of services put together in order to facilitate successful plug-n-play features and functionality required for a seamless eCommerce experience. This kind of architectural model or operational model provides reliability, flexibility to adapt to the changing business needs, and resolves all challenges that were previously found in the outdated operational model.
  3. Cloud Data Platforms –Moving eCommerce operations in the cloud offers loads of business benefits for retailers like flexibility, agility, faster time-to-market, lower costs, better performance and scalability, and even stronger security. Yes, this way helps in building a full-fledged retail eCommerce software for your business. Dynamic cloud infrastructure eliminates many traditional causes of cyber-penetrations, such as manually configured or misconfigured environments, stale infrastructure, and long response times to recover from a compromised environment.

The pressures on retailers are growing:


“90% of customers say purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews”

“34% of shoppers say their phone will become their main purchasing tool”

So, how can you select an enterprise eCommerce software that’s ready to grow with your company today, tomorrow, and beyond?

Enterprise eCommerce business is now going to the next level with more technologies that can help build robust, reliable, and high-quality enterprise eCommerce solutions. These technologies will also help in speeding up the workflows, operations, and overall business, along with product and service offerings.


The ideal Digital eCommerce platform for your business will help in achieving milestones and set achievable business aims for the future. Your enterprise eCommerce platform will help you in aligning your business goals and will help you in achieving them. According to your business objective, you can select your eCommerce platform considering the cost to grow and the cost to upgrade.

“Can we rebuild our checkout process to make it faster?”

“Can we integrate our store with your CRM system?”

Yes, Positivedge’s Digital Commerce approach help navigate the new normal with a three-tiered solution, uniquely crafted to cater to the various B2C industry-specific needs with quick timelines, rich features, enriching customer experiences; helping clients rapidly get onboarded into the dynamic eCommerce space.

Our accelerated services offering helps clients launch a foundational eCommerce site quickly in four weeks and offer a feature-rich site only in six weeks.

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