Why ignoring Application Maintenance Services can cause a hole in your pocket?

Most organizations rely on custom software solutions and apps to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. However, just having these apps and software solutions developed once doesn’t end the investment that they need to make to keep them running as they’re supposed to.

Whether that’s for fixing any issues, enhancing existing capabilities, or adding new functionality, application maintenance is highly necessary. Meanwhile, corporations also have to adapt quickly as changes can rapidly take place in their industry. This means that they must have the resources available to make the required changes and not fall behind the competition.

Contrary to popular belief, application maintenance is not just about fixing defects, but modifying a software product after delivery to correct faults and improving performance. Application maintenance and enhancement to existing applications begin with a thorough study of existing applications to identify areas of improvement. It also entails proactively adding functionality and improving the performance of existing applications as and when required.

Application Maintenance Services

Key benefits of Application Maintenance Services

  • As your organization will no longer have to spend the time searching for various hard-to-find IT skill sets, Huge cost advantage.
  • AMS frees up your in-house IT team to focus on what they do best – focusing on technology solutions that enable growing your business and allows you to focus on your business.
  • You can gain scalability effortlessly as your managed services partner can add capacity, and purchase extra software/application licenses on your behalf. Your AMS managed service provider can work with you to adjust your contract as required to suit your exact needs.
  • Receive new insights into your business as with this new visibility into your organization and how it operates, you’ll receive recommendations and improvements from your AMS provider, based on assessments in ways that you may not have considered before.
  • Secure your mission-critical business applications as all your security and compliance concerns around your business applications are put into the hands of your trusted application maintenance partner. You can rest easy with the understanding that your business apps are monitored and protected.

How effective IT application maintenance services benefit establishments?

Software maintenance and Support services encompass activities such as error tracking and debugging, offshore product maintenance, version upgrades, comprehensive user support, technical troubleshooting, performance monitoring & testing, documentation development, and lastly quality assurance testing and all these services enable organizations in more ways than following:

  • Lower risks and incremental predictability
  • Improvement in stability and efficiency of critical applications
  • Improvement in quality of service and customer experience
  • Keeping applications in line with the latest technologies
  • Quick migration into new and emerging technologies
  • Reduction in TCO (total cost of ownership)

Application Maintenance ServicesFinally, forethought and planning can help enterprises set up application portfolios to minimize ongoing maintenance costs. Application maintenance should remain a top priority throughout and stale, neglected application portfolios can hide steep future costs. It is advisable to leave legacy applications in place too long, for example.

Ongoing application updates are essential too, older versions of applications can pose a security risk and trip up the integration of new applications. In effect, the less a business maintains in the short term, the more expensive it becomes over time. Hence, preference should be given to not neglect application maintenance and outsource to a competent partner at the right stage.

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