Digital Transformation using Distribution Management System to Improve Bottom Line

Distributor Management Software built on Microsoft Power Platform

According to the recent survey, it says digital transformation allows Field workers to increase the efficiency of their work by 40% reducing the time to 36% and boosts customer satisfaction by 35%.

It has become a greater challenge for many CPG or any Retail organizations to apply change management across their businesses. It can take a long time to train, implement and change the way that work is conducted. Similar is the situation when changing from paper and pen-based order management to electronic ordering which can be difficult for field workers.

Distribution Management Systems, when properly implemented and adopted will help your business in becoming more efficient, resilient and adaptable to changing times. Let’s explore the details of this.

Integration of Multiple Channels through Microsoft Power Platform

Within CPG or any Retail businesses, each channel is distinct across the entire supply chain. Integrating from all the different aspects within the same distribution management system requires a lot of effort. Data must flow through multiple stages of the supply chain in order to keep track of inventory in real-time and across the chain of supply.

In a platform that is unified all the data from each step in the chain of supply will be brought to a single place in the cloud. The data is cleaned up then processed and organized to meet the needs of those who are trying to comprehend the business. AI/ML algorithms make sure that the processed data comes from patterns and flows that are found in the data.

The data collected in the cloud be pushed in any direction, based on the needs at every level. PositiveEdge’s Distributor Management Software built on Microsoft Power Platform is the Unified Platform that offers a simple way to connect data. Our platform’s data is unified at one point and our solution allows multiple-directional flow of data.

Understanding Data Flow

Distributor Management Software built on Microsoft Power Platform

In order to have the best distribution management system, data must be transferred from the suppliers to distributors. It assists distributors in identifying readily available SKUs new products, recently launched and must-sell SKUs. The data, when combined with the intelligent systems transforms hidden information into useful information to help improve sales.

The data from distributors must be transferred to manufacturers as order information as well as stock in hand rapid-moving SKUs and the return of damaged or expired products. Through real-time integration between various software, businesses are able to access real-time inventory information for more efficient stock management.

Embracing Data 

The revolution in distribution management is on the horizon and the market for consumer packaged goods evolved enough to recognize the utilization of data in order to help in making business decisions. In the present, that raw materials are sourced until the time that the product is taken off the shelves the entire process is monitored and referred to as data. AI ML systems track different kinds of data. The information gathered is different from the quantity of products revisions, regulations as well as customer satisfaction, interaction, and the industry variables for various products.

When companies make use of the data power within the company they are able to access undiscovered insights from processing data and continuously educate teams on how for improvement of processes and operational efficiency within the company. Small, identifiable patterns transformed into actionable information allow companies to grow in time. These insights are available only when a single commercial platform is used across the entire organization to control distribution processes.


Implementing the Omnichannel Experience built on Microsoft Power Platform

The ability to offer customers multiple options to complete sales is known as the Omnichannel experience. Businesses can offer digital products or services as well as physical items via eCommerce platforms. Product owners and their potential buyers connect via websites. The perfect blend of online trends that are incorporated to physical retail stores could be the best way to go for any Retail or CPG companies that want to sell products that are not restricted by borders and without hassle.

The omnichannel experience provides retailers, dealers or distributors advantages such as placing orders faster when stocks run out, faster delivery with credit card and inventory control with postpaid, better money rotation, speedy reconciliation of stock and a single source of information. All of this information together provides the full picture of sales information and the efficiency of your CPG or any Retail Business.



Achieving a Global Solution

Distributor Management Software built on Microsoft Power Platform

In the current environment the need for a global distribution management system will only be able to meet the unique requirements of one particular area. Selecting a local solution can result in greater process adherence, while also limiting in terms of scalability and expansion over time.

In light of the disadvantages of both local and global distribution management systems, CPG or any Retail companies are looking for an international solution. These are a perfect mix between global features and local customizations. Global solutions come as a superior tech solution having the expertise of a local organization that has implemented numerous solutions that work to meet the specific requirements of a specific region.

We are offering the best solution built on Microsoft Power Platform

PositiveEdge offers you the best services and is able to draw its expertise from practical implementations in creating new features that are based on pain-points outlined by our customers with easy integrations. The innovative technologies such as Low code-No Code Power Platform, will address real-world issues encountered by any CPG or Retail business organizations.

Request a Demo with us and discover the offerings we provide to support your business. We’re eager to talk about your needs in detail and help you determine the best solution to meet your specific needs.

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