Why should you invest in Distributor Management System Software?

Distributor Management System Software

Distributor Management System (DMS) or Distributor Management System Software is now an inevitable requirement for companies to manage distributors from all over the world. The rapid growth in the area of Return on Investment (ROI) has been observed by those who have started using the DMS. Because of this, there has been a noticeable gap between traditional distributors and digital distributors, which is constantly increasing.

Benefits of Distributor Management System Software

Distributor Management System Software

A Much Better Inventory Management Software with low-code Power Apps

With the help of order history, the feature of analytics offers you the data for the possibility of upcoming demand. Hence, you can replenish your inventory accordingly. Additionally, real-time stock information can help in filling the inventory promptly. The inventory is also classified as per the data and based on the product flow.

A Faster Order Management Software with Microsoft Power Platform Features

The order placement is precise and is driven by the data. The history of an order for a particular customer helps to select the most suitable products. Additionally, products that could be interesting to customers are displayed as per the order history while placing the orders. The exact status of inventory is accessible to the customers so that they can determine and plan the amount more effectively.

Furthermore, the order is handled automatically and instantly within the distribution management system. This will make the buyer more loyal to the company. Since human interaction and paperwork are reduced, operating costs also decrease. A lower level of human involvement also means fewer mistakes. This reduces the return on orders.

Improved Payment Collection in DMS

With the distributor management software, a variety of invoices could be generated in one go, depending on what is generated by the system. The outstanding payments will be visible for you to monitor and complete the necessary action. In addition, you can create automated guidelines to ensure that buyers can pay for due payments without the need for personal contact.

Better Trade Scheme Management in Distributor Management Software

Dynamic pricing helps you in keeping the discounts that are customized according to the requirements of the buyer. It is possible to increase sales to a store with lesser paying capacity by offering attractive methods or offers. You could also combine various plans to provide your customers the best possible deal.

By using analytics, it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of your plan and adjust pricing or plans in line with. Traditionally, distributors have been offering schemes to the dealers randomly.

With the help of DMS, the distributor can get the better idea of the sales and paying capacity. It is also helpful in improving the relationship with the big dealers. If a dealer makes big orders regularly, schemes can be a good gesture to improve the relationship. There can be many creative ways of using these schemes to increase profits and future prospects. DMS also helps you access and analyse better what you can improve to retain your existing customers and bring new ones.

ERP Integration in DMS

The software is synced with accounting software in real-time, meaning all calculations are taking place simultaneously. A powerful invoice management system simplifies tax filing to a significant extent. There is no scope for forgetting anything, as notifications and alerts keep reminding the required actions.

Distribution of goods is a complicated business that requires the involvement of numerous people and numerous procedures. Since the beginning of time distributors have suffered losses due to human error and inefficient sales strategies. Dependence on a large number of different people to complete each task ultimately takes control of your hands.

Why Choose PositiveEdge Distributor Management System built on Microsoft Power platform?

With the right software platform your sales and distribution activities could be able to achieve high performance in even the most fast-moving and fragmented marketplace. PositiveEdge’s Distributor Management System helps you keep complete control.

Also, this software helps in maintaining transparency at each step to ensure that everything has been happening smoothly while avoiding any possible conflict. Making sure that right distributor management software is deployed is a critical factor for ensuring maximum benefits out of one and staying ahead of the competition. For more information on DMS Support Software, book for a free consultation with us.

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